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This is a four page document on the history of Mother's Day and the International Mother's Day Shrine. This document is so interesting because it provides a comprehensive history of the holiday as well as the structure.

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This is a historic photo of the upstairs sanctuary in the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church.

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This is a card mounted photograph of Anna Jarvis that is currently displayed at the International Mother's Day Shrine in Grafton, West Virginia.

interior historic.tif
This is a historic photo of the stained glass windows of the interior in the upstairs sanctuary of Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church. Today, this is where Mother's Day services are held every year on the second Sunday of May.

shrine post card.tif
This is a scan of a postcard of Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia.

This is a portrait of Anna Jarvis by E. R. Cole that currently hangs in the International Mother's Day Shrine.

This is a button design that Anna Jarvis used to try to encourage use of a less ephemeral symbol to commemorate Mother's Day; a button versus the popularized carnation. Although Anna valued the white carnation as a symbol, in her conflicts with the…

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Portrait of Mary Towels Sassen.

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Portrait of Julia Ward Howe, author of "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

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This is a photocopy of a newspaper article from a French newspaper from the town of Artas in the Isère department in southeastern France. The title of the article is "La fête des mères, d'Artas aux USA - La fête des mères par-delà les mers," written…
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