Mother's Day Newspaper Article - France


Mother's Day Newspaper Article - France


This is a photocopy of a newspaper article from a French newspaper from the town of Artas in the Isère department in southeastern France. The title of the article is "La fête des mères, d'Artas aux USA - La fête des mères par-delà les mers," written by Pascale Buenerd, which translates as "Mother's Day, from Artas to the United States - Mother's Day Across the Seas," and describes the contemporary relationship between Artas, a town that first celebrated Mother's Day on June 10, 1906, and the International Mother's Day Shrine in Grafton, West Virginia. Another interesting point in the article is how it describes the spread of Mother's Day in France following World War I.


International Mother's Day Shrine - Grafton, West Virginia




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